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79th Annual General Meeting

Mar 30. 21

Bulkley Valley Credit Union held our 79th AGM on Monday April 26, 2021 and the inaugural meeting of the Board of Directors on Wednesday Night April 28, 2021. The meeting was held virtually with 37 members and 6 guests in attendance.

At the meeting, it was announced by the chair of the Nomination Committee that incumbent Patty Peterson and Nominee Tom Roper were voted in by the membership. Also, Edmison Mehr Chartered Professional Accountants were reappointed external auditors for our Credit Union for 2021. 

The other presentations focused mainly on the financial results in 2020 but there was also a large focus on acknowledging the tremendous effort of the community that has supported each other through the ongoing pandemic. At the end of the meeting, retiring directors Klaus Mueller who has served on the board for 28 years and Richard Vossen who served 27 years was recognized for their great contributions to the Board. A big announcement was made that Bulkley Valley Credit Union has been serving the membersip for 80 years on May 10, and in honour of this milestone, $20, 000 will be given to each region to be donated to a legacy project for a total of $80, 000! Visit for more details on the application process and deadlines. 


Thank you to all who took the time to attend our virtual 79th Annual General Meeting!

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