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Personal Accounts

Term Deposits

If you’re looking for a secure investment to add to your portfolio, term deposits with Bulkley Valley Credit Union will help you earn a good return on your money without facing many of the risks inherent in other investments.


Share Accounts

To obtain membership each person must hold a minimum of 25 shares (5 shares for Youth and Golden memberships). The share is an equity investment in your credit union and gives you democratic voting rights at regular or special AGMs.


Account Reporting & Statement Frequency

Imaged statements, mailed statements, and other ways to see your account reports via ATM or online...


Basic Chequing Account

Basic Chequing is a “pay as you go” account for members who conduct a limited number of withdrawals per month. Statements are provided. Interest is earned when minimum monthly balance exceeds $1,000 and is paid quarterly.


MAXIMIZER® Chequing Account

Maximizer® Account is ideal for members who maintain higher balances. Combination chequing/savings, tiered interest earned when daily closing balance exceeds $2,500; paid monthly; specified transaction fees waived when minimum monthly balance of $2,500 maintained.


US Dollar Accounts

US Dollar Accounts offer access to U.S. dollars without the time and costs associated with currency exchange. With low service charges and stepped interest rates, this account is perfect for those who like to conduct some or all of their business in US funds.


Golden Member Services

Golden Members (55 years plus) are offered FREE cheque clearing, in-branch withdrawals, POS transactions, bill payments, cheque printing on selected styles, and ATM withdrawals at Canadian CUs on their Personal Chequing Accounts.


Masterplan Chequing Account

Masterplan Package Account provides for unlimited numbers of certain types of transactions for one low monthly fee. This account is designed for those members who like to carry out a large number of transactions and take advantage of other services each month.



Our Plan 24 Account is a “pay as you go” account which offers daily interest and lower service charges than our other savings accounts.
Our Investment Savings Account is a tiered high-interest savings account for members who have large balances and conduct few transactions.


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