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Account & Service Fees

    Know what you’ll pay

    We like to make life easier for you by offering a variety of ways to bank. Here are our account fees and service charges.

    Early account closing:

    Account closed within 6 months of opening $25.00

    Balance of account processing:

    to C.U. Free
    to Bank $20.00
    Bank confirmation $25.00
    Charge back $7.00

    Cheque processing and in-house printing:

    US$ cheque on CDN Account $10.00
    Print cheque image (less than 6 months) $2.00
    Cheque printing: in-house personal (24/52/100) $10.00/15.00/20.00*
    Cheque printing: in-house business (50/100/200) $20.00/40.00/75.00*

    Collection items:

    Incoming $25.00
    Outgoing $25.00
    Foreign $25.00
    Garnishee $35.00
    Coverdraft $3.50 per transfer

    Electronic Funds Transfer to:

    Other B.C. Credit Union $15.00
    Canadian Credit Union $15.00
    Canadian F.I. $25.00
    International $45.00
    Incoming CAD cost
    Incoming USD cost

    Official cheque (Draft):

    Canadian Dollar $7.50
    Foreign Dollar cost

    Night depository:

    Disposable bags, each $0.15*
    Replacement key $10.00*

    Safety Deposit Boxes (annual)

    Small $35.00*
    Medium $45.00*
    Large $65.00*
    Extra Large $90.00*
    Drilled (loss of both keys) cost*
    Key (loss of one key) cost*


    Bill payment reversal request $10.00
    Inactive/dormant member fee-annual $60.00
    e-Transfer trace request $10.00
    e-Transfer reversal request $10.00
    Trace request $12.00
    Un-encoded item $10.00
    Statement: In-Branch (per statement) $2.50
    Statement: Hold Service (per month) $5.00
    Stop payment (partial details $17.50) $12.50
    Unauthorized overdraft, per item $5.00
    Returned Mail Processing $5.00
    Registered Plan transfer out $50.00
    Safekeeping agreement Greater of 1% or $50.00
    NSF item $40.00
    Post-dated transaction $3.00
    Record search $35.00/hr.
    min. $20.00
    Reference Letter $25.00
    Rejected clearing item $6.00

    Personal Lending Service Fees



    Appraisal cost
    Inspection cost
    State of Title Search $25.00
    Mortgage consruction application $500.00
    Mortgage construction inspection- first 3 draws $250.00
    Mortgage construction inspection - subsequent draws $150.00
    Mortgage discharge $75.00
    Mortgage readvance (Credit Master) $150.00
    Mortgage renewal $75.00

    Personal Loans

    PPSA registration and renewal $100.00
    PPSA search $20.00

    Other Loan Fees

    Alteration-Payment/Extension $25.00
    Substitution of Security $50.00
    Late payment fee $25.00

    Monitoring Fees

    Onboarding fee (one time) $500.00
    Monthly monitoring fee $600.00
    Annual review fee (monitored account) $250.00
    Late receipt of annual information package (per month) $250.00

    *Plus applicable taxes

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    Smithers Branch

    3894 1st Avenue
    PO Box 3729
    Smithers, BC
    V0J 2N0
    250 847-3255
    Hazeltons' Branch

    4646 10th Avenue
    PO Box 159
    New Hazelton, BC
    V0J 2J0
    250 842-2255

    Houston and District Branch

    2365 Copeland Avenue
    PO Box 1480
    Houston, BC
    V0J 1Z0
    250 845-7117
    Lakes District Branch

    117-35 Lakeview Mall, Hwy 16
    PO Box 1029
    Burns Lake, BC
    V0J 1E0
    250 692-7761

    1139 Main Street
    PO Box 2380
    Smithers, BC
    V0J 2N0
    866 811-1110

    3894 1st Avenue
    PO Box 3729
    Smithers, BC
    V0J 2N0
    250 847-7936


    3350 10th Street
    PO Box 369
    Houston, BC
    V0J 1Z0
    866 811-1115

    2367 Copeland Avenue
    PO Box 1480
    Houston, BC
    V0J 1Z0
    250 845-7977

    3872 1st Avenue
    PO Box 3637
    Smithers BC
    V0J 2N0
    250 847-7933
    Member Services Contact Centre

    3894 1st Avenue
    Smithers BC
    V0J 2N0
    1 877 847-2828

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