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Buying an investment property

A little preparation goes a long way when buying an investment property.

How to get started

Get going with our quick guide to the main things to consider.

Step 1

Know your budget

It’s vital to set your boundaries and goals before starting your search. Think about all the costs of owning an investment property and meet with a lender to determine what you can borrow.
Step 2

Know the market

Do you want a new build with no work needed or an older place that needs some TLC? Close to amenities or more remote? Find answers to these and other important questions.
Step 3

Get pre-approved

Getting pre-approved for the amount you could borrow helps you set your target price and begin your investment property search. Pre-approval lets you lock in an interest rate while you search.
Step 4

Work with a realtor

Get help finding the best investment property for you. A realtor will be able to spot attractive properties for tenants, see red flags you might miss, and guide you through the process.
Step 5

Know the laws

If you are planning to become a landlord, it’s important to know your and your tenants’ rights and responsibilities. It’s also a good idea to talk to an accountant about any tax implications.
Step 6

Buy your property

Make your offer and get your offer accepted, before ensuring your property is acceptable to the lender. It may need an appraisal. If things go well, it’s handshakes and high fives all round.
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Get pre-approved

We understand your needs

Our local experts are here to help you through the decision-making process, give solid advice, and offer competitive mortgage rates with fast, local approvals.

  • Choose between fixed or variable interest rates—or do both
  • Flexible weekly, bi-weekly and monthly repayments
  • Chose from open or closed mortgage options

Make an appointment

Mortgage rates

Interest rates for popular mortgages

5-year fixed (closed)

5-year variable (closed)

Rates effective December 1, 2023.

All your banking needs taken care of in person

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We were able to buy our dream home

“We found the perfect home for our family and Tina helped get the right mortgage that worked for our finances. They made everything so easy.”

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The final step? Insure your new investment property

Our local home insurance experts can make sure you have the coverage that's right for you and your property.

  • Wide range of home insurance products
  • Protect your investment
  • Insurance agents available when you need them

See your options

Tips and advice for home owners

Buying your first home is just the start. Get to grips with some of the financial ins and outs of home ownership.

First-time buyers

Buying your first home

A step by step guide to help take the stress out of life's biggest purchase and get you into your very first home.
Renewing & refinancing

Renewing and refinancing your mortgage

Take advantage of interest rates to renew your mortgage, or refinance to remodel or purchase another property.

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