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Planning for retirement

A guide to building a nest egg for the perfect retirement.

Explore registered plans

Plan the retirement you want

Treat yourself to a comfortable retirement with the benefits of RRSPs, including:

  • Knowing how much to save
  • Understanding RRSPs
  • The benefits of RRSPs
  • How RRSPs work
  • Catching up with retirement savings
  • How to get started

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How much do I need to retire?

While your financial retirement needs are unique to you, taking advantage of government programs that offer tax-advantages will not only benefit you today, when your earned income is much higher, but will also benefit you come retirement when those earnings are much lower.

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What is an RRSP?

An RRSP, or Registered Retirement Savings Plan, is a government approved plan through which you save money for retirement. It enables you to invest money in a tax-efficient way when you can most afford it during your peak earning years.

An RRSP helps you build up a comfortable retirement fund. When you withdraw funds in retirement you pay less tax due to being in a lower tax bracket.

Anyone who earns income subject to Canadian taxation may contribute to an RRSP.

The benefits of RRSPs

Your lock box of retirement savings with impeccable tax benefits.

Pay less income tax

Contribute the maximum amount or 18% of your previous year’s earnings and pay that amount less in taxes that year.

Tax sheltered saving

Your contributions, year after year are sheltered from taxes all the way to your retirement.

Borrow from your RRSP

Withdrawal options are available for first time home buyers or continuing education.

Catching up with retirement savings

It’s never too late to save for your future.

Start now

Reach out to a financial advisor or member representative and explore your options.

Budget to save more

Work on a monthly budget and build on what you can contribute.

Maximize your contributions

Contribution room is added each and any unused amount is carried over so you won’t miss out on the opportunity.

Got more questions about RRSPs?

Anyone with “earned income” subject to Canadian taxation.
18% of your previous years earned income up to the maximum amount for the current year.
You can contribute in many ways, including term deposits, mutual funds, and Bonds.
RRSPs are compared to your lock box of savings that are tax sheltered until retirement time when the funds will be withdrawn at a much lower tax rate. Your tax-free savings account is exactly that: a tax-free account that is much easier to withdraw money from if you need to.
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Expert investment advice when you need it

Your investment plan evolves as you age and your life, financial needs, and risk tolerance changes. We can provide advice and guidance every step of the way.

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