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Protect your payment cards

Canadians are one of the biggest users of debit, credit and ATM’s in the world. While INTERAC services are among the most secure in the world, debit card fraud does occur.

Follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • When you receive a new debit or credit card sign the back immediately
  • Notify your Credit Union if you are unable to retrieve your card from an ATM or if someone tries to distract you while using one
  • Always check your monthly statements and notify your credit union if you see any unfamiliar transactions
  • Carry only the cards you use most often and leave others in a safe place

Be PIN Smart

  • Avoid choosing something obvious, such as your phone number or date of birth
  • Change your PIN at least twice a year
  • Don’t use the same PIN for your cards
  • Shield your PIN with your hand, body or a piece of paper
  • Memorize your PIN, NEVER write it down
  • Don’t disclose your PIN to anyone
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Watch for Skimming Devices

Card skimming happens when a criminal attaches a device to a card reader to collect data from the card. If an ATM or point of sale (POS) device looks like it has been tampered with don’t insert your card or enter your PIN.

Lost or Stolen Cards?

If your Bulkely Valley Credit Union card has been lost, stolen or compromised call your branch. If this occurs after branch hours call 1-866-758-5678. You will need to know your debit card number in order to cancel it after branch hours.

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