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Business MAXIMIZER® Chequing Account

The day-to-day business account that pays you

Manage your daily business finances with a chequing account that also pays interest on higher balances.

  • Low monthly fee of $9.00
  • Earn interest on daily balances
  • 25 free monthly transactions

Your do-it-all account that gives back to your business

Earn daily interest

Earn daily interest on your funds that increases as your balance grows.

Affordable fees

Get 25 free transactions a month, like cheque clearing and bill payments.

Manage everything online

Take care of your business at your convenience online, 24/7.

Easily move your money

Interac e-Transfers and Auto Funds Transfer make moving your money easy.

Whats included?

  • Interest on daily balances over $5,000
  • 5 free outgoing Interac e-Transfers
  • Unlimited free incoming Interac e-Transfers
  • Digital business banking tools

Service fees

Monthly fee $9.00
Delivered paper statement $2.00
E-Statements Free
Cheque Clearing or pre-authorized debit $0.95*
In-branch withdrawal or transfer $0.95*
In-branch bill payment $1.25*
Telephone or online transfer $0.95*
Telephone or online bill payment $0.95*
POS (direct payment) transaction $0.95*
ATM withdrawal at BVCU or Exchange $0.95*
ATM withdrawal at Canadian CU Non-Exchange $1.25
Interac ATM withdrawal $2.00
US ATM withdrawal $3.00
International ATM withdrawal $5.00
Interac e-transfer (incoming) FREE
Interac e-transfer (outgoing) First 5 free $0.95

Other fees

*Eligible for free specified transactions

Ways to bank

On the couch. On the go. On the job. We’re here for you, wherever you are.

Opening an account is easy

Visit one of our branches or make an appointment to get started. We’ll get you set up in no time. You just need to bring two current, primary pieces of ID, your Social Insurance Number, and an initial cash or cheque deposit.

Find a branch Make an appointment

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Local, member-owned banking means friendly advice from staff dedicated to your financial needs. 

Why join? Make an appointment

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Reach us wherever you are

Let your fingers do the walking or come in to see us. 

Meet with an advisor

Book the day and time that suits you.

Visit a branch

We’re open between
9:30am & 4:30pm, M-F.

Send us an email

Email a specific branch or department.

Give us a call

8am-6pm, M-F,
9am-5pm, Sat.

Smithers Branch

3894 1st Avenue
PO Box 3729
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N0
250 847-3255
Hazeltons' Branch

4646 10th Avenue
PO Box 159
New Hazelton, BC
V0J 2J0
250 842-2255

Houston and District Branch

2365 Copeland Avenue
PO Box 1480
Houston, BC
V0J 1Z0
250 845-7117
Lakes District Branch

117-35 Lakeview Mall, Hwy 16
PO Box 1029
Burns Lake, BC
V0J 1E0
250 692-7761

1139 Main Street
PO Box 2380
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N0
866 811-1110

3894 1st Avenue
PO Box 3729
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N0
250 847-7936


3350 10th Street
PO Box 369
Houston, BC
V0J 1Z0
866 811-1115

2367 Copeland Avenue
PO Box 1480
Houston, BC
V0J 1Z0
250 845-7977

3872 1st Avenue
PO Box 3637
Smithers BC
V0J 2N0
250 847-7933
Member Services Contact Centre

3894 1st Avenue
Smithers BC
V0J 2N0
1 877 847-2828

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